Our partners’ portfolio includes international corporations as well as small, local businesses. Whatever the size, our proprietary tools help you improve process efficiency and organizational level of digitization.

We combine businesses with processes and technology strategies in a comprehensive way, regardless of project readiness. Synergy not only guarantees the error-free operation of the tool, but also maximizes its return on investment in a changing market.

Our offer includes


ML and Data Science

Natural Language


Virtual Reality

Web applications

Your application on the server, avaiable for anyone and anytime you want. Our technologies and experience will allow you for precise adjustment of your needs.

Desktop application successor – runs on a server and communicates with all users over the Internet. The solution is currently the leading standard for most applications, primarily because of its agility in making changes. Every second, the system is managed by a server that will maintain data integrity if any user’s Internet connection is lost.

Mobile applications

The entire application in your pocket. Full functionality and ease-of-use on any smartphone.

Applications designed for mobile devices with a touch interface. Depending on your goals, the app does not necessarily need to be downloaded to your device or available in a virtual store. We always choose a solution which perfectly meets the needs of the most demanding user.

Technology consulting

Support your business with professional research and testing at every stage of implementation.

Regardless of the technological readiness of the project, we provide a complementary set of necessary research and testing related to its key objectives. Our analysis is designed to accompany each project at the different stages of its development, ensuring that your application works properly and maximises your chances of a successful commercialization.

Outsourcing IT

Arm your business with digital skills and find new business opportunities.

In Softmaker, we believe that addressing new challenges creates competence and expands the horizons of finding new solutions. Our most skilled employees are implementing many domestic and foreign projects by constantly developing their professional portfolio. Use our resources to keep your design free and flexible.

Our leading

Ruby on Rails






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