Softmaker is a long list of current and realized projects, each with its own history. Describing them all would go beyond the possibilities of a transparent web page, so we decided to present our selected achievements.

Full automated selection of dishes in diet catering service

Used technologies

Project description

With full automation and machine learning, the application allows you to fully match dietary goals for any person using the platform. From the moment you register and complete a short interview, all necessary data is collected and processed by the algorithm, allowing you to fully automate the process of creating and managing your diet.

What does it mean for the user? Advertising, annoying phones and boring offers on your mailbox are minimized. Simplified communication between the restaurand and its customer allows them to meet real user needs with practical solutions.

A platform to help people with their daily health problems

Used technologies

Project description

A portal that is an extensive platform with all key features that make it easier for people with a stoma to do their day-to-day business. That is to arrange expert consultation, a virtual equipment store and an information center that brings together all users and crucial events.


Softmakers’ application development process has linked our partner’s achievements up to date. This solution provided our client with unique opportunity to find all healt informations at glance, without the need to seek to look for them all separately.

With this new edition, the site became a virtual place to gather all those who are in some way connected with stomia, regardless of their history or motivation.

Virtual real estate investment and purchase agent

Used technologies

Project description

The system allows real estate market players to be directly connected with those interested in investing in real estate. Simplicity and transparency of the platform allows you to efficiently gather market information, both for the first-time investors as well as for the most experienced ones.

Using modern algorithms, you can find more attractive offers faster than with manual online searches. The algorithm filters offer most optimal results for the user based on the data collected within the platform.

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